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Nature’s revenge on cars

Paradise parking. A good new serie by Peter Lippmann.


Street view : 9 eyes project

By Jon Rafma

Which is your favorite Lomo Film?

Check out this page of the Lomo’s site, compare and make your choice, it’s a useful tool for beginners!

Kodak Elitechrome 100

Fuji Sesia

Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 ISO (35mm)

No grey in my day

I bumped in the artist Roger Molloy in London some years ago, near Brick Lane, while he was selling poscards of this picture on the street.

He’s a guy who is living his art and doing things properly, we had a quick chat, i bought one of his pictures for something like two quid and we went our separate ways. 

From that time I’m always thinking at this image as a visual note to my myself, It helps me to mind the life’s color especially in the dark days.
I hope it could have the same effect on you. 

Thank you Roger.
Roger Molloy (Photographer)