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Happy World Water Day to everyone!


To do, less and more

By Yaniv Fridman

AD &Rebellion. Vw & GreenPeace.

Little Darth : Volkswagen award-winning commercial 2011

Dark Side of VW’s environmental claims : Greenpeace rebellion remake (I suggest you to read their Rebel Manifesto.)

Now the new VW commecial 2012 is on air

Sadly there isn’t any mention of supporting ambitious climate laws.
It’ s missed occasion, becuse the campaign are always lunched during the Super Bowl, one of the biggest television events in the world so why not use it to announce some brave green measures? 

That got GreenPeace thinking:
how could this advert be changed to show the real VW? The one that’s lobbying against new laws to reduce emissions from vehicles in Europe. The one that won’t meet with our campaign team for a chat.

How about improving VW’s advert?

This is the challenge! In fact, for those who want to pick up the Greenpeace’s invitation remake the commercial, all the information about it are on the Greenpeace site.