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Emotion in stopmotion

4 minutes of emotion with an amazing craft job.


QOTSA hell yeah concert posters

Really good illustrations by some of the best illustrators of our time for the Queen Of The Stone Age posters!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 32050ffbf27a45fb8aea7d16da0e1c45 7226626_1_l ec762ef922ab5cd854513b0dfd2798a5e6e8d82c_m Emek-Queens-of-the-Stone-Age-Los-Angeles-Wiltern-Poster emekqostaoctopus_1_1 qotsaart600gl5 Queens-of-the-stone-age-Grand-Prairie-Poster-poster-Guy-Burwell

Have you ever visualized music in your mind?

Artis Martin Klimas did it, with an impressive result!
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Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie – YouTube.

This is one of my favourite stop motion, have a look on it, it’s so sweet and well done!