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Cardboard Polaroid Camera Concept

Great use of the pinhole concept in communication.
“Flutter In Pinhole Camera Concept” By Yoo Geun-hyuk amp Yoon Bo-jung.


Solargraph, a photography between art and astronomy

When the patience pays..!!

A solargraph is a long-exposure photograph and these amazing shots shows the trails of the Sun over a six-month period across the sky, wow!
Are all taken with different home made Pinhole cameras!

June 21, 2011 – December 21, 2011
view of the University of Hertfordshire’s Bayfordbury Observatory captured using a pinhole camera made from a beer can. by  Regina Valkenborgh

September 22, 2010 – March 20, 2011
transit of the sun as it rises over the Oakland hills. Pinhole camera made with a small box. by Heater Powazek champ

6 months
above the Arda river meander near the town of Madzharovo, Eastern Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria. Pinhole camera made with a can. by Boris Pophristov

December 12 – June 21
transit of the sun as it rises over Helsinki. Pinhole camera made with a small box. by Tarja Trygg

Pinhole inspiring pics

Here a gallery of what amazing pics you can take with your own camera!

Pinhole cameras

Talking with a friend I’ve just realized that I haven’t tried yet to make a pinhole camera! A pinhole camera, also known as camera obscura, or “dark chamber”, is a simple optical imaging device in the shape of a closed box or chamber. In one of its sides is a small hole which, via the […]


Wherever you are right now, and wherever you’ll be in your life, we all will be ever on our big HOME, the Earth.

I suggest you to have a look at this great documentary (by the photographer, journalist and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand )about the Earth evolution, with a focus on the consequences of what the humans have done in the last industrial years.

I really like the positive end:
we can still do something to solve the problems about environment and climate change, we just have to go ahead conscious, minding about what we can do in our dayly life.

Designed as a travel report, is made almost entirely from amazing aerial images.

Here the trailer, you can find the entire movie on the home project youtube canal.